Guitarist & composer

Ken Verheecke

Guitarist and composer Ken Verheeke has released nine albums since his debut album in 2002. To date he has had over 150,000 album downloads through various digital sites. His tenth recording was recently released on the Heart Dance Recordings label and is titled Consider the Moon & Stars. The title track, “Consider the Moon & Stars” was released by HDR as a single this past August 2017.

Ken's latest release

Consider the Moon & Stars

Since his childhood, Ken has been fascinated by the moon and the stars and living in Western South Dakota, you can often find Ken in his backyard gazing into the heavens at night. This glorious night sky is what has inspired this groundbreaking release from Ken! Scheduled to be released in January of 2018! Check out the single for this release by click the "Learn More" button below!

“(his) would easily fill a room with peace, calm, and invite the listener to indulge in reflection or remembrance of a most pleasant variety.”

Bill Binkleman - Zone Music Reporter

This is music you'll find to be peaceful and relaxing with approx. 150,000 album downloads world-wide!!!

The Reflection Series