First Light

Heartcall Music (2016)

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Long time coming...

First Light was originally released January of 2016. That particular version featured the solo guitar compositions Ken was writing at the time. In many ways, it was a monumental moment for Ken as it was his first all solo guitar release. But there were some tracks that Ken felt weren't strong enough to keep and by the summer of 2016, through the encouragement of a friend decided to remove some of the initial tracks, add some new ones and then do some additional production work on some of the remaining original tracks. The  end result has brought Ken to feel as though this is no doubt his best recorded effort to date. After dealing with a season of health issues, and enormous financial challenges, this release is a satisfying accomplishment. It is Ken's hope listeners will feel the same!

Heartfelt compositions that is guaranteed to put you in a good place. This is an album of gorgeous melodies and expertly orchestrated arrangements, all recorded and produced in a way that makes every song shine. 

Vin Downes - Recording Artist, Guitarist & Composer

Ken Verheecke's new album "First Light" is an filled with so much love and of course light!  His touch on the guitar is healing and relaxing.  One of my favorite tracks is "Healing Rain" .  You will fall in love with his style as you listen to him weave his thoughts by his gifted playing.  By the time the last chord is done, the uplifting emotions will have put you in a good place.  I highly recommend this album!

Kori Linae Carothers - Recording Artist, Pianist & Composer

“(his) would easily fill a room with peace, calm, and invite the listener to indulge in reflection or remembrance of a most pleasant variety.”
Bill Binkleman - Zone Music Reporter