Guitarist & Composer, Ken Verheecke has released several albums since his debut album in 1993. To date he has had approx. 250,000 plus album downloads through various digital sites. Through the years Ken has publishing deals with the Eddie Crook Company and Maranatha Music. In 2017 Ken signed with Heart Dance Records and has released 3 instrumental electronic based albums… Consider the Moon & Stars which reached the number 5 spot in ZMR Top 100. It was also featured in 180 Radio Stations around the world. His next release was Between Earth & Sky which reached the number 9 spot on the ZMR Top 100 Chart. Both albums were on the Ballot Box for the 2019 Grammy Awards. His latest release with Heart Dance Records is Tripping the Light Fantastic… inspired by his recent move to Northern Michigan and running along Mullet Lake. It was nominated for the ZMR “Best Chill Album” for 2019. 

Over the last year, Ken’s solo guitar singles “Into the Quiet” & A Dream of Green” were added to Spotify’s Editorial playlist, Cappuccino Pizzicato and“Into the Quiet” was added to Apple Music’s Acoustic Chill and Barefoot Acoustic playlists. In addition Ken’s ambient based singles“1969and “Northern Skies” have been added to Spotify Editorials, Lava Lamp, Ambiente, Exospheres playlists.